Minor in History

A student may not earn both a bachelor’s degree in the Department of History and a minor in History.

1. Students must pass 6 credits from among the following courses: HIST 1150G, Roots of Modern Europe; HIST 1160G, Modern Europe; HIST 1110G, Introduction to Early American History; HIST 1120G, Introduction to Recent American History; HIST 2250G, East Asia to 1600; HIST 2251G, East Asia since 1600; HIST 2245G, Islamic Civilizations to 1800; and HIST 2246G, Islamic Civilizations since 1800; or HIST 1130G, World History 1; and HIST 1140G, World History 2. 

2. Students must pass at least 12 additional credits in History, of which at least 9 credits are numbered 300 and above.

All courses must be passed with grades of C or above. No courses may be taken S/U.