Graduate Program

The Department of History offers graduate work leading to the Master of Arts degree.  The program involves 36 hours of coursework (roughly 12 courses), with flexibility in terms of specialization and focus.

Students can choose between:

(1) A traditional Masters in History, for which they write a thesis.

(2) A Masters in Public History, for which they complete a public history internship/project.

(3) A dual-track degree, in which they complete both of these tracks.

(4) The Masters Accelerated Program.

The department offers graduate work in regional fields encompassing the United States, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as thematic offerings in gender history, borderlands, environmental history, political economy, among others.  In addition, the department provides graduate preparation in broad thematic fields that are comparative and interdisciplinary in approach (for more information, please see the Graduate Thematic Areas page).