Margaret Malamud, Ph.D.


Director of Graduate Studies

S.P. and Margaret Manasse Research Chair in the College of Arts and Sciences

Office Hours:


Breland 243




B.A., Classics and Islamic Studies, Boston University

M.A., Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D., History, University of California, Berkeley


Curriculum Vitae: Malamud CV

Teaching:  Greek and Roman history;  Islamic history (pre-1800).

Research:  Classics and Reception Studies


African Americans and the Classics: Antiquity, Abolition and Activism, I. B. Tauris Press, 2016.

Ancient Rome and Modern America, Wiley-Blackwell Press, 2009;  reprint, 2013.

Imperial Projections: Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture, eds. Sandra R. Joshel, Margaret Malamud, and Donald McGuire, Jr., Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001; paperback, 2005.

Recent and Forthcoming Articles:

“The Imperial Metropolis,” forthcoming in Classical New York: Greece and Rome in New York City’s Art & Architecture, 1830-1940, eds. Matthew McGowan and Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, Fordham University Press.

“Receptions of Rome in Debates on Slavery in the USA,” forthcoming in Roman Error: Transgressions and Receptions of Roman Antiquity, ed. Basil Dufallo, Oxford University Press.

“ ‘A Kind of Moral Gladiatorship:’ Abolitionist Uses of the Classics,” Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics 23.1 (2015), 111-45.

“An African in a Toga: Joseph Cinqué and the Roman Rhetoric of the American Revolution,” Classical World 108.4 (2015), 525-35.



History 101:  Roots of Modern Europe

History 221G:  Islamic Civilizations to 1800

History 371:  Greek Civilization

History 372:  Roman Civilization

History 387:  History of Spain

History 398:  Historians and History

History 438:  Ancient World in Film


History 596:  Research Seminar

History 590:  Readings Seminar: Borders, Boundaries, and Frontiers

History 593:  Readings Seminar: History, Myth, and Memory

Honors College

Honors 222G:  Foundations of Western Culture

Honors 349G:  Islam and the West: Cultural Contacts, Conflicts, and Exchanges